Dial 110 on your phone



Dial 112 on your phone




Dial 110 on your phone



Consider the 5 “W” questions in case of an emergency


  1. Where is the emergency?
  2. What happened?
  3. How many people are injured?
  4. Which injuries or signs of sickness are present?
  5. Wait always for inquiries from the rescue coordination centre. 

Important information

A lot new to you. In Germany some things are working differently. We have addressed the most important topics. Check in which category you may find information to your question.


Asylum Application, The Asylum-Seekers' Benefits Act, Acceptance of the asylum application, Rejection of the asylum application, Dublin Regulation, Residence Titles, links and downloads on the topics

--> Asylum

Authorities & Counselling

Foreigners Registration Office, Counselling agency and refugee office "Kargah e.V.", Agency for social welfare and asylum, council office, Service for citizens, Employment office, Jobcentre, Youth welfare service, Children Welfare service (Kinderschutzbund), Consulting for females, Women’s refuge, Family and Education Information office (FFB)

--> Authorities & Counselling

Everyday life & shopping

Post office, shopping, carrying bags, refund, clothing, mobile phone, visits, work & job, library

--> Everyday life & Shopping

Apartment & Accommo-dation

Basic equipment, deposit, rent, basic household equipment, furniture, home timer confirmation, re-registration, redirection, GEZ, utilities, municipal utilities, garbage, recycling center, toiletries of women, house rules, heating, ventilation, washing machine, Internet, TV, smoke detectors, smoking ban


--> Apartment & Accommodation


Tickets, cards, public transport (GVH , Üstra) German train Service, busses


--> Mobility


Doctors, Ethno-medical centre, Health booklet, Health Guide, referral, pharmacy, prescription, medication, emergency services, hospital, glasses, dentists, dental prosthesis, pregnancy, trauma, links on the topics 

--> Health

Legislation & society

Germany – First information (guiding book), acceptance in Germany- the App, fare dodging, signatures, travelling inside Germany


--> Legislation & Society


 Islamic community (mosque, Muslimic community) Christian communities


--> Religion

Internship, Studies & Job

Work Permit, Nationals from the West Balkan States, Requirements, Assessing competencies, Brochure og benefits of the employement Agency or jobcenter, Professional Recognition, Setting in-grant

--> Intership, Studies & Job