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Work permit


You need a work permit to start working. You apply for the work permit at the immigration office.

  • Refugees with a residence permit are excluded from the job market for the first 9 months

  • Refugees with a temporary permission to stay can receive a working permit after 12 months.

  • After these 9 or 12 months there is currently for asylum seekers and people with a limited permission to stay a so called subordinate access to the job market.

More information on the topic job and profession you will find here.


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Nationals from the West Balkan States


Information on „New legal access to work in Germany – for nationals from the West Balkan States (Albany, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia)

(Status 20. 11.2015, source unknown)

Bulletin for reception facilities on legal working migration from the western Balkan states all languages
Info - Aushang für Aufnahmeeinrichtungen
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 915.6 KB



You will find here all information on the requirements for an education, a job or additional support on unemployment benefit I or II.

0-3 month

Prohibition to work


4-15 months permission to stay

NEW: Already after 3 months you can apply in writing for a work permit at the local immigration office. In the context of the employment permit the employment agency conducts a proof of precedence*. In a positive outcome the working contract can be concluded. Here the agreed wages are compulsory.


* The Employer Service of the Employment Agency has to assess acc. to § 39 Abs. 2 AufenthG that the employment will have no negative impact on the employment market and that for the relevant job the following subjects are not available:

  • German employees as well as
  • Foreigners who are legally equivalent in view of

  • Or other foreigners with preferential access to the employment market acc to the EU legislation.

16-48 month


After this 15 months you have to continue to apply for the work permit at the local immigration office. The Employer Service of the Employment Agency will assess whether the working conditions and agreed wages are adhered to.


Acceptance as refugee / residence title

If the application for asylum is or being recognized as a refugee is granted you will receive a residence title. Often refugees receive a residence title outside of a formal asylum application e.g. for humanitarian reasons (contingent refugees). 


A residence title usually allows to apply for unemployment benefits II (SGB II) at the jobcentre. The jobcentre can support you in taking on an employment. A work permit is no longer required.


Access to the education market

Adolescents under 25 years of age coming to Germany are allocated to special courses in the schools and they participate in the German lessons. Social workers from the schools are attending them and arbitrating them into internships and apprenticeships. 


Source: “Employment agency – Konstanz” 



VhS-Project and support



There is a project named „Social and employment market integration of refugees“since May 2016 8§17 SGB II and promoted by the jobcentre). This project shall promptly provide you with preparation and support for the integration into the employment market and the education system. In addition you will be attended on the transfer into the so-called “regulated systems” of the SGB I and SGB II. Project members are responsible for

  • Young refugees in the age of 15 to 27 with or without defined residence title

  • Refugees above the age of 27 years who have a residence title or are awaiting the right of residence.


Complete the competency questionnaire - it is recommended to ask support from an assisting person. Submit the questionnaire to the VhS. You will be invited to an interview. (Do not complete the questionnaire in case you are already registered at the Employment agency or the job centre!)



The project members can support you at the following

  • Capture competencies and goals
  • Arbitration into suitable education programs

  • Application for Hartz IV

  • Application for ALG II

  • Application for benefits from the jobcentre.




For more information and support visit the open consultation-hour of

Mrs. Al-Abdal or Mrs. Kirmizi.




Thursday 10:00 to 12:00




VhS Hannover Land

Adress: Goethestr. 11/13, Neustadt

Telephone: 05032 9819-36

mobile: 0152 187 172 01

Telefax 05032 9819-18




Assessing compe-tencies


The “questionnaire for competency assessment for asylum seekers” provides the Employment Agency with information on your prior education and your skills thus supporting you to continue with school, education or study.


Within the frame of a project providing offers for information, consultancy or you shall be prepared for the access to employment or education or promotion offers soon as possible.


Simply complete this form.

  • German

  • English

Form – “questionnaire for competency assessment German”
Formular - Fragebogen DE zur Kompetenzer
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 85.0 KB
Form – “questionnaire for competency assessment German”
Formular - Fragebogen DE zur Kompetenzer
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Form – “questionnaire for competency assessment English”
Formular - Fragebogen EN zur Kompetenzer
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Form – “questionnaire for competency assessment English”
Formular - Fragebogen EN zur Kompetenzer
Open Office Writer 108.0 KB

You find here more options to extend or acknowledge your competencies.

Working for test purposes/ Internship





An employer wants to welcome you for 6 weeks maximum to work for test purposes or on an internship?


The "Team Flüchtlingsvermittlung" at the Federal Office of Employment offers a form. The agent at the Employment Agency or the jobcentre has basically to approve working for test purposes or internship. This is important in view of insurance coverage and travel cost etc.


Complete the lower part of the form and submit to the Employment Agency BEFORE you start working. This is replacing the application to the immigration office.


For further questions please contact the "Team Flüchtlingsvermittlung"

Form – Working for test purposes
Formular - Probearbeiten.pdf
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Here you find information and contact details for internship and in-plant activities.

Info - Praktika_Geflüchtete_12.2015_Bund
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Studium an Hochschule




In dieser Broschüre bekommen du oder dein Alltagbegleiter alles Wissenswerte zum Thema Zulassung zum Studium an einer Hochschule.


Leider gibt es das Ganze bisher nur auf deutsch. Zum Verständnis und Auszufüllen benötigst Du sicherlich Hilfe von erfahrenen Leuten. Versuche es bei der Kargah e.V. oder bei Helfern der VhS.

Studium an einer Hochschule.pdf
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Brochure on benefits of the Employ-ment Agency or jobcenter



This brochure provides you with a quick overview on potential benefits exceeding the regular care and procurement.


Brochure - Flüchtlinge_BA_Jobcenter
Broschuere - Fluechtlinge_BA_Jobcenter.p
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.2 MB


Professional Recognition



You would like to work in your former profession? In Germany a foreign vocational qualification must be recognized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Chamber of Crafts.



The fee for the investigation procedure will be covered by the jobcentre or the Employment Agency.



You will find more information or what you need for the recognition procedure in an App in the following languages:

  • German

  • English

  • Arabic

  • Farsi

  • Dar

  • Pashtu

  • Tigrinya




Source: “Employment agency – Konstanz”



Flyer – Recognition-App
Flyer - Anerkennungs-App.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.4 MB

Setting-in grant



A setting-in grant is a subvention for employers to compensate for the increased training effort due to lower performance of the applicant (e.g. poor German language knowledge or missing / limited knowledge on the job). Amount and duration of the subvention complies with the extent of poorer performance and will be rated individually.





Source: “Employment agency – Konstanz”